A Very Well Put Together Ferrari F12 TDF

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This ladies and gentlemen is the new Ferrari F12 TDF, a more hardcore and raw version of the previous F12. The TDF is a limited run of the F12 that features some key changes that truly make it stand out from a regular F12. These changes include a newly designed front bumper/spliter as well as a new design to the rear of the car, but what makes this car so special are not only it's looks, but also some performance figures, because the car is lighter it obviously allows for improvements. It is now wearing 285's on the front tires in comparison to the standard 255's. But the one thing that really makes this car so special,so appealing to car enthusiasts, is that it is one of the last naturally aspirated engines being put in a supercar, and it is no ordinary NA engine, it is the famous 6.3 L V12 pushing out just over 760hp. Now combine that with the improved aerodynamics, wider front tires and a lighter curb weight, and pow, look what you have, an absolutely brilliant oversteering monster of a car, but hell, you look dam good while going sideways. If Ferrari offered me the chance to pick any of their cars to own, I would go straight towards the TDF, as long as I could spec in in the same colour as the one we got to see above. The excitement that came to us when we saw them pulling that TDF out of the service bay was like no other, what an opportunity to shoot such an amazing car and we want to thank the owner and the Ferrari rep for being so kind and letting us take pictures.
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12 months ago
Ferarris are nice yes.....but Lambos are where it's at :P
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last year
Love the darker shade of red on the Ferrari. Definitely a more refined look.
Reply by Automotive Click
last year
Personally I think it is one of the best colours Ferrari offers! Rosso Fuoco, absolutely stunning in person!!!