Hybrid Hypercars

By Flux
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Are hybrid Hypercars the new thing? Cars like the McLaren P1, the Porsche's 918 and the Ferrari LaFerrari, have all been really hyped in the last couple of years, but what do you guys think about the less talked about Hypercar from Acura the NSX?


By Automotive Click
Not necessarily new, they have been around for about a year or so and were concepts before that. I think that the NSX is a beautiful looking car that has been known to be amazing, but I think if we were to put it into a class, it would probably be the hybrind supercar class. To me this car is not considered a hypercar just because it doesn't have the raw power of 800+ hp like all the others, but this car is still amazing with its 3 electric motors and its mid mounted twin turbo V6 that pushes just under 580hp. So overall its a cool car and it should be categorized as a hybrid supercar rather than a hybrid hypercar.