Manual or PDK, what do you want? The all new Porsche GT3

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The all new Porsche 911 GT3 is finally here, and yes it come with a manual transmission option! For all the car enthusiasts who love manual transmission and want to be able to rip up canyon roads and destroy the track, this car is for you. Being able to short throw your shifts will help you get the fastest track times! The GT3 is equipped with 4.0-litre six cylinder horizontally opposed naturally aspirated engine pushing 500 HP and 339 lb-ft. Porsche is saying the new engine is a toned down version of the GT3 Cup car. In our opinion, this car is truly amazing. Porsche have re-designed the front and rear end to add downforce, and to make it look better than it already did. Recently this year Porsche have added underbody paneling with a finned rear diffuser. 
Remember it also comes in PDK format as well. If you want split second shifts that shoot you into your bucket seat, I do not see a better car on the market at this time.
*All pictures from Porsche Canada.
*All information from Porsche Canada