NSX is Back, Finally!

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I have always admired the Honda/Acura NSX because its a car that is super fast, light, and can age very well. It had that staple Honda durability but was a super car. Just by looking at the new NSX I was starstruck, this car is beautiful and preforms very well. It has a 3.5L twin turbo charged V6 produce 573 hp, which I am going to assume their trying to compete with the Nissan GTR. Technically this car is 4 wheel drive, the engine drives the rear wheels while the two electric motors power the front and can do 0-97 km in 2.9 seconds. Not only is this car fast it includes a 9-speed dual clutch automatic gearbox so you can use it as an everyday driver. The sad part is that this car isn't priced as an everyday driver unless you have $150 000 to blow, but honestly if I did have 150k I would definitely buy this car. If the GTR is Godzilla, this car is King Kong.
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Its funny, I have seen and read so many articles and reviews on the new NSX and I can't tell if it will live up to this "King Kong" title or not. There are so many advances in technology that the similarities between this and the original NSX are very faint. That being said changes aren't always bad. This could be an amazing car, but it could also suck. We will have to get our hands on one and do a proper review for you. Thanks for the share!!