Quick Review of the New Genesis G90!

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Now to start off, we want to give a huge thanks to Performance Auto Group, Lorie Goldman, and Niagara Genesis for giving us the opportunity to have this gorgeous Genesis for a few days. Now when I first heard that we were getting a Genesis I didn't really know what to think. I mean at first I though nothing of it, blew it off as a Hyundai, but let me tell you this. It is one of the nicest cars I have ever been in, it felt as if I was getting into a Mercedes S-Class, except mentally I knew it was a Hyundai. But thats what made me so intrigued, I thought to myself," there has to be a flaw somewhere that makes this car close to $30,000 cheaper than an S-Class", so after days of extensive review,I can conclude that there is nothing wrong with this car and that I would buy this over an S-Class in a heart beat.
  One of the first things I noticed once I saw the car was just how cool it actually looks, and then once your in it you just feel so important. Im talking tinted window, all blacked out, and the most comfortable car seats I have ever sat in. The interior is finished in beautiful fine leather with wood and piano black accents, as well it has an amazing stereo system done by Lexicon. The interior has to be one of the highlights of this car for me. Once again, huge thanks to everyone who helped get us this car and we hope you all enjoyed, stay tuned for more in the future!
 Now here are a few interior as well as exterior shots of the all new Genesis G90, Enjoy!