The McLaren 675LT

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The Best Road Legal Race Car?
This ladies and gentlemen is the 2015 McLaren 675LT, code word for 675 hp and a long tail. This car was originally based of the 650s, which was already an outstanding car, but McLaren figured that they could push it firther, so they did. The 675LT is a hardcore track version of the 650s. It is 1.5 inches longer that the 650s, thanks to its large rear wing and its extended carbon front spliter, it weighs around 230 pounds less than the 650s and has the power up'd to 675 hp.The 675LT also includes McLarens brand new full titanium exhaust system that turns purple once it is properly broken in, that just puts a huge smile on my face, oh yeah and also the fact that it pops like crazy during gear changes. It will go 0-100 kph in a whopping 2.9 seconds! It has a top speed of about 330 kph. This car is one that you can drive to your local track, tear it up, then drive home comfortably thanks to the already amazing adaptive suspension that has been kept from the 650s. This is definitely a car that I would want to drive and rip up a track in, especially on the Trofeo R's!
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last year
Wow awesome car and great photos. Looks stunning in black.
It's amazing that 675LT has gained extra 25 HP while shedding 230 pounds. Owner must be very happy.
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last year
Yes! It is amazing how McLaren Automotive can achieve these specifications for their vehicles. I would pay anything do be an owner of this amazing car!