The Pagani Zonda 760VR

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The Pagani Zonda 760VR

Photo by: Alex Penfold 

Thats a long name isn't it? Well thankfully there is a long story behind that long name. Ladies and gentlemen, the Pagani Zonda 760VR. Pagani has always been a brand that makes the most insanely good looking and extremely fast cars that aren’t legal anywhere because they are either too fast or too loud. The only place they are legal is in Europe. But even there, they are not allowed on certain tracks due to the fact they break the sound limit. That shows you what kind of car we are dealing with here. This car comes down to its light weight body composure, insane amounts of power, and affordability. This is not a toy, okay yes it is.

The whole car is made from carbon fibre weave and most of the parts are constructed from either carbon fibre or lightweight aluminium. Having a car this light means that if you want to put a lot of power in it, you must have downforce. Lots of it, which is why the 760 VR is covered with wings and lips spoilers as well as canards at the front. These all push the air coming over the car, down on it which cause downforce. Not only do all those wings work, they look pretty dam cool too.

Secondly, the power behind the car, literally. This is a mid-engine, two doored supercar. Mid-engine means the engine sits behind the driver to add weight to the rear because that’s where the power is transferred to the wheels. This specific Zonda 760 VR has a 6.7 L V12 made by AMG. That power house creates a whopping 760 horsepower directly to the wheels beneath it. The car is rear wheel drive and is the loudest car on the planet. It only comes in one colour and has a manual gear box. This specific model is a one off make. But there are multiple like it just for different customers so the name is a bit different. For example, the F1 driver Lewis Hamilton, he has one and it’s called the Zonda 760 LH.

To buy a car like this, you must be absolutely loaded because its price tag is an outstanding $3.7 million, it is an investment. Something you bought to drive only on very special occasions. Or at least drive on weekends into town and back. Then you take it to your local VMAX 200 to run it full speed down the runway. Other than that this car is a pointless waste of money and time. Don’t get me wrong,  I love this car, it’s like a spaceship from the future. But it’s just a lot of car for a lot of money to just be sitting in a garage.

In the end, this car is as much of a show car as it is a driving car. It works well for both, but it is sad to see one sitting in a garage not being driven to its full potential. If that car was only made to be a show car, they wouldn’t have put a monstrous 760 horsepower AMG V12 in it. Not many cars that are $3.7 million dollars can be driven the way this can be. That’s why this car is so special to the car community.