Tuner VS Muscle
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Tuner VS Muscle

By neilQ & A1 comments
In my opinion I enjoy tuner but I would like to know your opinion on the subject. Do you enjoy driving sideways in your car with an inline 4/6 engine that has a nice big turbo or two, or trying to get under 10 seconds in your 500 HP plus super charged V8 monster.    Please ...


Toronto Car Photoshoot!   If you are interested in a photoshoot of your car, be sure to send us an email or contact us through any of our social media accounts!   For now, enjoy another shot of this gorgeous Huayra!

McLaren Building a new Hypercar?

By Stanley R.Q & A0 comments
So I heard that McLaren is preparing to release a new Hypercar to accompany their P1 hypercar and current McLaren 650S supercar. Thoughts? I know that the P1’s sold out quickly, do you think McLaren ...AnswerI have not heard much on a new hypercar from McLaren but they did recently release a car called the 675LT, it is a lighter, more powerful and track focused 650s. I have heard that it drives almost like ...

Supercars vs Hypercars

116.pngBy MarkQ & A0 comments
I am noticing that the terms supercar and hyper car being used interchangeably, is there a difference? I have been in love with the newer models that have been released, what would you say is the Hypercar ...AnswerFor sure, the word supercar is reserved for cars that are naturally good cars, so they meet the standards of being low, loud, fast and sporty looking, where as hypercar is used for cars that catch your ...

Hyper cars Toronto

186.jpgBy MaRiaQ & A0 comments
Hey guys!!!   I am loving your site! Especially all the awesome pics showcasing some of the fastest and most popular cars to date. I am hearing a lot about Hyper cars, I know there are many different ...AnswerWell I believe that Ferrari and Maserati of Ontario up in Vaughn has a LaFerrari in the dealership along with some other stunning cars. Pfaff McLaren had 3 P1's at one point but now people own them so ...

Hybrid Hypercars

By FluxQ & A0 comments
Are hybrid Hypercars the new thing? Cars like the McLaren P1, the Porsche's 918 and the Ferrari LaFerrari, have all been really hyped in the last couple of years, but what do you guys think about the less ...AnswerNot necessarily new, they have been around for about a year or so and were concepts before that. I think that the NSX is a beautiful looking car that has been known to be amazing, but I think if we were ...

Exactly what is a Hypercar?

59.jpgBy ProtonQ & A2 comments
I keep hearing people talking about these Hyper Cars but I know so little about them. Are they made by only one brand? Would a hypercar be considered a luxury vehicle? Where can I see one?AnswerA hypercar is a type of car that has two motors, one electric and one gas, the point of this is so that when the gas motor is not firing for that split second in between gears, the electric motor comes ...